About Me: Hala Besmar

Hala has had a passion for the arts her entire life.  She was born in Damascus, Syria, and studied English literature at the University of Damascus.  Coming to the United States in 1982 with her husband Bashar, she studied how to apply gold paint onto ceramics.  This became the start of something that would evolve into a deep interest in the arts.  Hala then became an assistant art instructor for a ceramics class.
Her love of art carried into all facets of creativeness.  Her work includes painting Arabic calligraphy, landscapes, and cultural scenes.  Her methods include water color, oil and acrylic paint, and has recently ventured into 3-d art work on canvas.  Hala has also become increasingly involved with jewelry creation and has had a passion for designing formal dress wear.
Hala has participated in numerous art exhibitions around the community, and has hosted her own art exhibitions multiple times with great successes.  Her art participation within the Grosse Pointe community started in 1991.  Since then, Hala has become an integral part of the Art Center, serving as an active volunteer and has served as 2nd vice president for 4 years.  Currently Hala remains active in the art center and is continuing her involvement by focusing on the Fine Art for Kids program she founded in 2005
An active member of the community, Hala is involved with her her three children: Waseem, Fares, Cinderella.  Additionally, she has been on the board of the American Syrian Cultural Association for 2 years.  Her love for teaching extends to language, as she has taught Arabic courses in Kerby elementary for several years, in addition to several art classes as a part of their extra curricular activities offered.
Over the years as an artist and parent, Hala saw the need for a fine art program for children separate from the instruction taught in elementary and middle school.  It was this need that fostered the Fine Art For Kids program in 2005.  Starting with a single level, the program has now grown to 6 levels, workshops, summer camps, and now includes jewelry.  In 2008, the Fine Art For Kids program developed a summer impressions exhibition, for the children to showcase their art work for the community in the art center.
Hala has taught over 300 children in the Grosse Pointe and surrounding communities, since she began the program 7 years ago. The art program continues to grow, and Hala has a vision for the future of the Fine Art For Kids Program.

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  1. Congratulations Hala , your web page is very nice and your work is great . very happy for you .
    Best regards,

  2. REEM ZAKI says:

    Hala, I love your website:-)) I am so glad that both girls are enjoying your classes!
    Good luck, Reem Zaki

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