Fine Art Program

The Fine Art for Kids program has six levels providing art instruction to children ages 6 to 14 in the Grosse Pointe area. Each class meets for a period of six weeks and there are four sessions in the academic school year, two in the fall, two in winter.

Each class is an hour and a half either after school or on Saturday morning and the time and day for each level changes each session to give potential students who had previous conflicts the chance to enroll.  In addition, workshops are offered and meet for four weeks, and are 2 hour sessions, where they work on advanced topics.  In the program, children have two main entry points: for children ages six to eight, they start out in level I, and children ages eight and above start out in level II.  In the Summer, children have the opportunity to register for a week long summer camp.  This summer camp is 2 hours per day, 4 times during the week, and is offered in 3 different sessions during the summer.

The instructor teaches the classes at the Grosse Pointe Art Center, which is in the middle of the downtown Grosse Pointe shopping area.The public and private schools in the area have art classes as part of the curriculum, however, teachers, not artists teach them so they lack the expertise and technique of true artist. Additionally, each class has at most ten children so the teacher to student ratio is much higher.
Because of this close supervision and instruction, students are able to complete two projects in one lesson. In each class, the students paint or draw a subject on standard card-stock using acrylic paint with the new techniques they learn in the lesson for the first half of the class. In the second half of the class, they work on a mixed media art piece using a variety of materials. The instructor chooses projects that allow the students to create new and interesting pieces that they are proud to take home to their parents, who are then happy to see their children doing well. At the end of the session, as part of the last class, the young artists have a party celebrating all they have accomplished in the class. Additionally, the instructor presents students who complete level VI with a graduation certificate.

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