Levels 1-6

Level I: Exploration
Focus: give children the self- confidence to create and express themselves by learning how to apply paint with different sized brushes to give realistic effects.
Work Created: subjects from nature, still life, funny faces.
Example of One Classes Work:

The water pitcher was painted with acrylic paint and the flower vase is an example of one of the mixed media projects.

Level II: Expansion
Focus: similar to level one, but now expanding, going more in depth to bring out the child’s talent in an expanded environment.
Work Created: students will paint subjects that are fun and scientific
Example of One Classes Work:

A fish made of pennies with painted cardboard pieces. This piece is one of the many that the children’s parents frame at home.

Level III: Development
Focus: exploring new techniques to improve their talents to develop more challenging paintings.
Work Created: Will learn how to paint 2 or 3 objects, using appropriate coors, and sizing of the objects
Example of One Classes Work:

In the center is a coral reef painting made during one of the classes. On the right, is a lighthouse composition made using rocks and painted cardboard pieces.

Level IV: Advancement
Focus: learning how to apply new advanced techniques on subjects like peacock feathers, flamingos, and flowers
Work Created: introduction to abstract and modern art, and learn how to paint on wood, learning the formula for sketching a kitten, wildcat and learning the map of human faces and hair arrangements
Example of One Classes Work:

The will learn the “formula” for sketching a kitten, wildcat, and learn the map of sketching human faces and hair arrangements, which can be seen in the center above. On the right is an example of a mixed media abstract art piece the students can make.

Level V: Imagination
Focus: exploring new subjects to widen their art horizons
Work Created: painting subjects: masquerade, elephants, horses, unicorns; scenery: cactus, alaskan mountains, lighthouses, hot air balloons, still life
– In this advanced stage, students have a greater role in choosing their own colors and becoming more independent using their imagination
Example of One Classes Work:

On the top is a painting of Alaskan mountains; to achieve the rough mountain look, the students apply the paint using a special paint knife. On the right is a mixed media piece of a Mardi Gras mask.

Level VI: Challenge
Focus: Students are challenged to take a larger role in making decisions to strengthen their self-confidence and be even more independent that in level V.
Work Created: subjects will include: plants, hands, coral reefs, animals (birds, penguins, kangaroos)
Example of One Classes Work:

As part of the mixed media component of the class, the artists paint tile designs and painting a birdhouse. In the center is a penguin piece and to the right is a mixed media tile painting.

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